Being an SDVOSB company offers many advantages for Kern and Bellows, inc. First, some agencies favor companies with the SDVOSB status. The VA, for example, sets priority for SDVOSBs, which means that each set-aside or sole source contract created by the VA goes directly to a qualified SDVOSB.

In addition, DoD contracting officers tend to prefer SDVOSB companies since the SDV better understands the military’s need for security risk reduction. Our company utilizes our extensive experience with the U.S. military to gain a greater understanding of the contract’s requirements and how to accomplish the contract’s objectives.

There are not many companies, especially in the IT industry, that are SDVOSB certified. This presents Kern and Bellows with ample opportunities for sole source and set-aside contracts. Plus, having this status provides a higher possibility of winning contract awards due to the government procurement quotas and preferences.

For your next RFP, choosing to partner with Kern and Bellows an SDVOSB company will significantly increase your chance of winning the contract award. If you’re looking for an SDVOSB or MBE services contractor, reach out to us. We are always looking to partner with new companies on exciting opportunities and projects.

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SDVOSB Opportunities


Every year the federal government spends about $500 billion on contracts with the goal of spending 3% on Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) set-aside contracts.

Since the majority of Americans work for small businesses, the Federal Government has set various goals for small business participation in government contracting. By having a certain percentage of total procurement go to varying types of small businesses, the government is able to support these disadvantaged companies.

An SDVOSB Procurement Program was developed to allow contracting officers to award firms – like Kern and Bellows – a sole source or set-aside contract to reduce competition. From this, a required 3% minimum of the total prime contract awards must go to SDVOSB companies.Additionally, set-aside requirements are placed on contracts based on the value of the goods and services the government wants to purchase. For example, any contract under $150,000 must be set-aside exclusively for small businesses. Also, any contract over that limit will go to a small business if there are two or more qualified, competing small businesses with similar market price, quality and delivery, which is known as the Rule of Two. Although total procurement spending has decreased, the amount in contracts going specifically to SDVOSB companies and partnerships is rising.


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Partnering with SDVOSB Kern and Bellows for a Request for Proposal (RFP) dramatically increases your chance to win contract awards.


Since many RFPs contain set-aside requirements that allow only small businesses to respond as the prime contractor, a partnership with an SDVOSB would let you submit your company for the contract award, limit the competition available and strengthen your likelihood for success.

From the viewpoint of government agencies, these partnerships are also more desirable since companies can use their unique capabilities to offer the best combination of performance, cost and delivery.

In short, you are more likely to win a contract with Kern and Bellows as the prime or subcontractor since many RFP opportunities require a small business or set aside.

Ultimately, government agencies prefer to award their contracts to SDVOSB companies to meet their contracting goals and small business quotas. This results in a higher number of SDVOSBs being chosen for prime contract and subcontract awards.

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